Yiganerjing Reviews

Gotten this product in the UK before .. it is basically magic .. works from day 1.. would love to know the actual ingredients

Sio Stevens

This stuff is amazing. Been using it for a week and it’s nearly cleared psoriasis that I’ve had for 15 years.

Chad Montgomery Fichardt

I use it now since four days. I have dark spots and dry eczema on my legs. Now the spots are slippery and I notice much difference. Before I used Locoïd cream from the doctor. The eczema spots stay actually dry and very itchy. Finally a super cream that really works.

Ilona Sohilait-Hitijahubessy

Great cream, has been working really well, skin irritation almost clear after a week. Even used on spider bite on my arm and cleared in two days. Highly recommended

Warren Elvis Perry