SHILLS Black Mask


Shills Black Mask is a product to cleanse pores while detoxifying the skin. The product includes detoxification ingredients, like charcoal, as well as chemicals that can bind to the plugs inside pores. Unlike most wash-off masks, Shill Black Mask will need to be peeled off from the skin. This peeling action is what ends up removing pore plugs, by physically extracting them through adhesion.

The Detoxification Process :

This  occurs while the mask is drying on the skin and charcoal reacts to neutralize toxins.

How to Use Shills Black Mask :

Shills Black Mask  is designed to be pulled off to remove pore plugs. This item comes in gel form, which makes it more convenient to use on smaller patches of skin. Simply cleanse the face with your favorite face wash and apply a thin layer of this peel off mask. Suggestion for better results, would be to steam your face, either with a steamer or hot towel. After waiting for roughly 20 minutes for the mask to dry, gently peel the mask off the skin.